Field recording off the Fife Coastal Path in Scotland earlier this year.me h4n ocean scotland


The Exchange
I had enormous fun scoring this short horror-comedy for Body in the Box Productions. The film was a finalist for 2 categories for in 2017 My Rode Reel film competition


Gone Native: Legend of the Gurkhas
jpx-title-600x400I’m currently working on a film score for this documentary in-the-making, for Matobo Ltd.




Approved by Cinephiles
I wr11796367_1459238587734371_530977509694109991_note the theme tune for this is fortnightly audio podcast, available on iTunes and Soundcloud, where movie buffs and industry specialists review a variety of films.

Click here to listen to the theme tune and a remixed version for a special episode.




A Dream Sequence
Here’s one of my more ambient and atmospheric compositions. A sonification of the gentler kind of dreams; of the ‘unpathed waters … the undreamed shores’. 


For Soundstream I collaborated with a water engineer to create a very unique sound installation, converting water waves into audible sound. We achieved an ever changing musical realisation of what would otherwise be inaudible sound from the surface of waters. See the Soundcloud link below for clearer audio quality.


ICMC 2015
Very pleased to announce that my electroacoustic composition, Cylinders, has been accepted for ICMC 2015 (International Computer Music Conference).


USSS 2014 Composition Competition
‘Polaris’ was awarded a runner-up prize for the ‘USSS 2014 Composition Competition’. This was a unique competition, which provided one piece of challenging artistic direction: to base a short piece of electroacoustic music on a nursery rhyme.

This piece seeks to explore the apparent brightness of stars as sound objects, from the imaginings of a young child gazing out a bedroom window.