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6gp6nomkI’m an active media composer and sound artist based in London and Sheffield, UK. I have experience writing music for feature-length and short films, for promotional videos and have produced sound design for animation and for a documentary. As a multi-instrumentalist, I record live instruments whenever possible and am comfortable composing in a variety of genres.


I have a Masters degree in Composition from the The University of Sheffield and graduated in 2016 with the highest honours. My electroacoustic composition ‘Cylinders’ was accepted for ICMC 2015 (International Computer Music Conference). In combining my classical training with this more experimental approach to composition, I can compose in a versatile manner that is both vibrant and atmospheric.

I am always keen to collaborate and am available to work freelance on any project; be it film, TV, games, commercials or otherwise. Feel free to email me on stephen.theofanous@gmail.com, or alternatively fill out the form below.